Airline carry-on luggage rules

Airlines have subtly different rules for luggage so it is always important to do your homework before travelling. The rules even vary depending on the class of your ticket and destination, and can hit you in the hip pocket if you get it wrong at the check-in counter or departure gate. The first obvious step for carry-on ... More

Outside Mag. Summer Buyer’s Guide

The Enduro 2.0 has been listed as the number one men's cycling product in the Outside Magazine 2019 Summer Buyer's Guide. The list comprises ten products of "advanced bike gear for safer, radder adventures" from the best brands around the world. Henty's Enduro pack is best hydration pack for anyone who wants to be ... More

Henty – Suit Bag or Garment Bag?

More and more people are choosing Henty for suit bags and garment bags. Travelling for business or leisure should be a fun affair, but when you need to look smart and professional, in an ironed outfit at your first location, it can become an annoying chore. That’s why you need a high quality garment bag. At Henty, ... More

Why we should actively commute

Eight reasons why we should all be actively commuting to work: 1. Workout – Fitter and healthier With the demands for your time and attention these days, it can be difficult to find time in the day to exercise. Actively commuting to work is a very efficient way to fit in your exercise. We recommend the Wingman ... More


Richard Cunningham has taken an in depth review of the Henty Enduro Backpack for PinkBike. To summarise: - Tough construction, - Carries two to three litres of water. - Lots of pockets, - Doesn't bounce like other backpacks do, even when riding bumpy or steep terrain, - Extra protection for lumbar spine and ... More

Enduro Backpack launches 2017

The Enduro Backpack has been in development for a while now, and was officially launched at the Outdoor Demo in Bootleg Canyon, September 2017. Hydration packs are not new, however our design really hits the mark when it comes to stability, comfort and protection for the user. We took inspiration from military ammunit... More

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Frequent Flyers

If you travel a lot for work, you'll understand how important it is to pack just enough to get you through the trip, and no more. Some people pride themselves on this skill! If you're anything like us at Henty, it’s an evolving science, and we are forever evaluating and auditing what we've taken, when unpacking, to ... More

Outside Magazine: Best Bags

Outside Magazine rates the Henty Wingman as one of the 10 best bike commuter bags. The Wingman garment bag remains the best option for anyone who wants to ride to work and needs to wear a shirt/suit/blouse in the office, or just wants to look sharp. The Wingman (available in Messenger or Backpack) takes all your important ... More

Henty launches the CoPilot

The Henty Wingman has received rave reviews since it hit the market in July 2012 with its innovative garment bag design and we’ve appreciated hearing your thoughts on how it could be optimized for air travel. We’ve often been asked about updating the Wingman to make it even better for two to three day business ... More

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Cycling Plus – Why you want

The Team at Cycling Plus have been using a Wingman Backpack now for a few weeks and featured us in the September issue of Cycling Plus with four reasons why the Henty Wingman Backpack is the best Travel bag available. More