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Enduro Henty 2.0 è il kit di idratazione assoluto per i ciclisti di mountain bike, per tenerti in energia, ventilato e idratato. Enduro è posizionato il più vicino possibile al tuo centro di gravità, garantendoti libertà e agilità. Vi sono tantissime tasche e cinghie che assicurano spazio e un facile accesso mentre sei in movimento. Il design innovativo di Enduro ti dà la ventilazione dove conta, minimizzando l’eccessiva sudorazione della schiena, inoltre non si sposta: neanche sul terreno più scosceso e impegnativo.

Enduro 2.0 è la seconda generazione della nostra innovativa soluzione per idratazione, che incorpora tutti i feedback ricevuti sulla nostra versione iniziale. Ogni Enduro 2.0 include un serbatoio HydraPak Compact Shape-Loc da 3 L/100 fl oz e un tubo da 122 cm (48″) con valvola ad alto flusso. Un’estensione posteriore nascosta da 10 cm ha ora fornito a Enduro una maggiore flessibilità per adattarsi a diverse forme corporee, incluse le corporature alte o tarchiate.

Le funzionalità includono:

  • Protezione lombare da impatto (inclusi reni e anche)
  • Pannello posteriore a rete per garantire stabilità e miglior ventilazione
  • Serbatoio HydraPak Compact Shape-Loc da 3 L/100 fl oz
  • Tubo da 122 cm (48″) e valvola ad alto flusso
  • Cinghie delle spalle regolabili
  • Cinghia pettorale regolabile
  • Sistema di cinghie Molle
  • Tantissime tasche
  • Estensione posteriore in velcro da 10 cm regolabile

Enduro fa da cintura porta attrezzi di facile accesso per tutto l’essenziale che ti serve a portata di mano.

Per garantirne la leggerezza abbiamo scelto una resistente Cordura di nylon 500D, forte abbastanza da resistere ai traumi più duri.

Specifiche tecniche

  • Cordura di nylon 500D
  • Volume: 5 litri / 170 fl oz
  • Peso: 750 grammi



Enduro 2.0 ha un serbatoio? Sì. In collaborazione con HydraPak forniamo un serbatoio HydraPak Compact Shape-Loc da 3 L/100 fl oz e un tubo da 122 cm (48″) con valvola ad alto flusso in ogni confezione. Detto questo, se dovessi mai avere bisogno di acquistare un serbatoio aggiuntivo, Enduro Henty è stato progettato per essere compatibile con quasi ogni serbatoio sul mercato fino a 3 litri.

Si può utilizzare l’intero volume del serbatoio? Sì, l’intero contenuto del serbatoio è disponibile tramite il tubo, indipendentemente dalla posizione del tubo o dell’uscita sul serbatoio. Assicurati che tutta l’aria venga rimossa dall’interno del serbatoio durante il suo riempimento.

Posso far passare il tubo sopra la mia spalla sinistra (destra)? Il tubo si può far passare su qualsiasi spalla, poiché i punti di aggancio sono speculari sulle cinghie delle spalle. È anche presente un punto d’uscita, al di fuori del contenitore del serbatoio, sul lato sinistro o destro.

Vi è spazio per il mio telefono? Sì, c’è una tasca imbottita con chiusura a cerniera per tenere il tuo smartphone al sicuro.

Cos’è il sistema di cinghie Molle? È stato incluso un sistema di cinghie Molle da 25 mm per consentire all’utente di personalizzare ulteriormente Enduro Backpack. Infilaci i tuoi gel energetici, le tue funi elastiche o le tue cinghie per assicurare altri oggetti sulla parte esterna di Enduro Backpack.

Cos’è l’estensione posteriore da 10 cm? Ognuno di noi ha un corpo diverso, quindi abbiamo incluso un’estensione di 10 cm per chi non riesce a sistemare le cinghie delle spalle in una posizione comoda. Avrai bisogno di 2 righelli scolastici da 30 cm / 12″ da far scorrere tra entrambe le parti dell’estensione di velcro per separare gli uncini dalle asole. Una volta separato il velcro, lascia i righelli in posizione e regola come necessario. Consigliamo di lasciare 3-5 cm di velcro nella tasca in modo da mantenere le cinghie in posizione. Ripeti il processo per l’altro lato.

A cosa serve il velcro? Applica il tuo stemma di velcro per rendere il tuo Enduro Backpack davvero unico

14 recensioni per Enduro 2.0

  1. Dirk

    My kids are now into Mtb as well,and I can tell you they no longer will be using other branded packs. Henty all the way. And I will make sure I will tell my circle of friends as well
    Once again thank you and your team
    For a great product and fantastic customer service

  2. Quintin Vallozzi

    Last year I found Henty and I purchased an Enduro 2.0 pack – I love it. It has been the best pack I’ve owned, perfect fit and a great companion for my long rides. I’m now looking at getting a 26L Sorts Backpack, for more of the overnight rides.

  3. Carl Roe (proprietario verificato)

    I love my Henty Enduro. Very comfortable and super cool in the summer months. Having a full hip belt means all the weight is kept low and my shoulders are free to move. It’s large enough to carry tools, spare tube, phone, wallet, mini pump, snacks etc. Everything is surprisingly accessible, no digging required. And the pocket on the shoulder straps holds a lightweight jacket. I had the original Enduro but prefer the 2.0 version as I’m over 6ft tall and the adjustable shoulder straps provide a better fit for me. Highly recommended.

  4. Roy David

    A few months ago I bought my Limited Edition HENTY x DHaRCO Enduro 2.0. I tested it and introduced it to some people who purchased them straight away. They loved it and I love it. Fits great, with no banging around on your back, stays where it should during the ride and the reservoir is awesome. Water stays cool and doesn’t leak 👍🏻.. Great job.

  5. Jason Lorch

    The Enduro pack is a very good product and we just wanted to do the best we could. We’re currently testing the Source hipster pack. In comparison, it just doesn’t come close to the Henty pack.

  6. Craig Banks

    The product delivers weight distribution of a 3 litre capacity water bladder and tool kit around the hips rather than somewhere on your upper or lower back – GOLD STANDARD ERGONOMICS. It stays firm and does not float around back or immerse you in sweat on warmer riding days. Because I must have a longer torso than others I am finding the chest cross strap rides higher than I would like when I carry the pack low down on my hips. Whilst the waist belt is functional there are opportunities to further improve rider comfort with a different non slip webbing strap material

  7. Chris Stredwick

    Love my Henty Enduro pack. You hardly notice it when you are wearing it and it doesn’t ride up your back during steep descents. Hip pockets are great for holding multi tools or gels as you can access them without taking the pack off. The elastic loops are great for hand pumps and folding saws and the mesh pockets on the back are great for added storage.

  8. Scott Russell (proprietario verificato)

    This pack is the bees knees; you can tell the designers genuinely care about the product by all the micro design decisions. Load this thing up with 3L of water and a days worth of snacks and tools and you don’t notice it’s there. A rare unicorn product that ticks all the boxes.

  9. Angus Forbes

    This is one of the best packs for MTB cannot stress how well designed this bag is. I’ve crashed multiple times with this bag and it is one of the most durable bags I’ve used with very few scuff marks to speak off.
    It’s extremely comfortable and offers a little bit of kidney protection and very rarely rides up on chunky trails.
    I cannot stress how good this pack is well worth the money!

  10. Brett James

    Fantastic mountain bike pack. No sweaty back and many compartments to hide tools, CO2 canisters, spare tubes, small pump, energy bars, bandages and of course a decent volume bladder for fluids. My biggest problem is being able to take too much with me.

  11. Nic

    I have used backpacks and recently fanny packs and once you try the Henty Enduro there is no comparison. They have managed to blend the two and also take out all the negatives of each. You can’t tell you have it on even when it’s full, AMAZING, I will be using it this winter for XC skiing too.

  12. Cole Vedan (proprietario verificato)

    This pack is really cool. It would get five stars, but the straps were so long all around. I took it to a local tailor and had him adjust the straps and overlap them like most packs. Besides the extra long straps. It’s awesome. It really does just take all the weight off your back. When your riding. It doesn’t feel like you have much on. I have more in this pack then my normal backpack and feels like I barely have anything on. It would be cool if the back of the pack zipped up rather than buckle to keep mud out. But I’m going to use this for dry days in the summer and my other pack when it gets more wet. Run two packs for the best of all!

  13. Amy Murles (proprietario verificato)

    I ordered your Enduro back pack to go mountain biking with my son and also on my own. I absolutely love this pack. I am a 6 foot tall woman so it has been extremely difficult for me to find a pack for biking that fits me. This one does and I recently had a child and he bikes with me and I can fit his diapers, wipes, snacks, milk and all the things I need in the pack and it’s light. Best investment ever for me for biking. Thank you for making this.
    I’ve attached some fun photos of me and Quinton (he just turned two Nov 4), that is biking single track around home and a heli drop on Mt Cartier in Revelstoke BC. My Henty is always along for the ride!

  14. Harry

    First trail ride with this pack yesterday. So much better than carrying a backpack. Keeps the COG low and doesn’t interfere with upper body twists. Carrying an extra 5kg feels like nothing.

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