Cycle Commuting

It’s a challenging time for us all during this pandemic and some businesses are fortunate that they are encouraging their staff to return to the office. Now, more than ever, commuting to work on your bike is a great option.

If you need to get to the office, cycle commuting makes it easy to keep your social distance, away from public transport hubs which the majority of workers use to get to and from the city and/or office.

Similarly, given the difficulties of maintaining a social distance and hygiene within gym environments, cycling to work also offers an opportunity to exercise in a time efficient manner, whilst maintaining a social distance. If you need to wear a suit to the office, checkout our range of commuter suit bags.

Henty is glad that our unique suit bag designs, provide commuters with the best solution for professionals to cycle to work when they need to transport professional clothing to the office and/or gym.

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