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Henty talks with The Mercury

Hobart city opens up to workers on two wheels in time for Ride to Work Day. Jeremy Grey’s Hobart-based company Henty has taken advantage of the world-wide bike boom and is exporting its innovative range of bike bags for commuters. “We’ve been growing well, I’ve been full-time on the business after 18 ... More

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Wingman review: La Velocita

We sent off a Wingman Messenger to Mike Boudrie at La Velocity to put the Wingman through the typical Melbourne commute. You can read his full review here More

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Ninety Nine Co. review

Oil on your suit trousers, shifter marks on your shoes and a tie flapping around in the wind can finally be a thing of the past as there is now a viable solution for transporting a monkey suit that won't send you bananas. As people who have experienced the corporate commute, we understand as good as anyone the notion of ... More

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The must-have travelling bag

Henty co-founder Jeremy Grey talks with Caroline James about the luggage industry. Click HERE for the full article More

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Executive Style: Baggage Alert

Some very good packing tips here from Benjamen Judd in his article for Executive Style. The Henty Wingman is also mentioned as a new alternative. Click HERE for full article More

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The Wingman Backpack gets reviewed by Ride On Magazine

Rating 96/100. I was immediately impressed with the Wingman shoulder bag when it came out a couple of years ago. It perfectly protects a suit in a roll instead of a fold, provides a waterproof utility bag for toiletries and shoes and has outside pockets for all your personal effects. What’s more, it’s cleverly ... More


Chef Hugh Acheson on Eating on the Road

The 'Top Chef'-judging, James Beard-winning, New South chef on best bags, memorable meals and really sharp travel gear. My luggage of choice is from: Henty. Until recently I had a big Samsonite. The handle broke on it, so what I've been using is this really cool garment bag by Henty that rolls up into a tube. At the ... More

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Outside: Best luggage of 2013 – Henty Wingman

The Henty Wingman makes it into Outside Magazine's best bags!! BEST FOR: Carrying a suit and essentials via bike or plane. THE TEST: The 12-liter Wingman cradles a pressed suit inside a compact cylindrical messenger bag. The secret is the springy plastic internal ribs, which hold the bag in an even, rounded shape en ... More

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Henty releases the Tube Backpack

Henty releases the Tube – the ultimate sports bag for the active urbanite. Ideal for transporting your gym gear, yoga matt, beer or wine bottles. More

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New bags combine innovative engineering and personalized style

We travelled to the Travel Goods Show in Las Vegas and met with Rob Lovitt from NBC News. You can read his article HERE More