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On the move and need to look sharp? Henty’s suit and garment bag range is the solution you’ve been looking for. These multi-purpose suit and garment bags enable easy travel and commuting whether you’re flying, cycling, walking, running or riding a motorbike or ebike and regardless of the weather. The suit and garment bag range allows you to transport your work attire – business suits, dresses, shirts or a uniform – as well as a laptop, tech devices and other everyday essentials in a convenient, stylish bag on your back. They also work as a portable locker, keeping you active regardless of your location. The Compact (Messenger or Backpack) are our entry level suit and garment bags, designed to suit those with smaller frames. The Wingman (Messenger or Backpack) fits standard or larger suits, is ideal for commuting and is compatible with Henty’s inner bag options (hyper link to these). The CoPilot (Messenger or Backpack) is our largest capacity option, takes two large suits, is ideal for travel and compatible with the the full range of inner bag options. Looking for something unique? Our Limited Edition CoPilots are made from top of the range materials.

  • Wingman Backpack

  • Wingman Messenger

  • CoPilot Messenger

  • Inner Backpack

  • Inner Messenger