About Henty

Henty was founded in 2012 as a result of a simple problem – how to transport business clothing to and from the office with it ready to wear on arrival. Jeremy Grey developed a prototype bag to solve this problem for his commute to work in Sydney, Australia. The concept worked well, so he and childhood friend Jon Gourlay founded Henty and set about to hone the design and commercialise the bag.

That first prototype evolved into The Wingman – Henty’s acclaimed premier product. The Wingman is a multi-purpose suit and garment bag which allows users to transport their work wardrobe with ease.

Today, Henty is proud to be a leading, sustainable company based in Tasmania, Australia, creating innovative products based on a “carry clever” ethos and selling them around the world.

The Story behind Our Story

Henty’s founders cycle to work, fly often and exercise daily.

Let’s talk about that time you struggled to pack your clothes when you walked, cycled or had to catch a plane? Chances are your clothes and belongings were jammed into a small backpack, suit bag or carry-on bag and arrived at your destination all creased and wrinkled. Or what about the time you decided to go to the gym or ride to work?

After years working in the corporate sector, Henty’s founders know a thing or two about lugging around work clothes. Early on, they realised the only way to transport their suits and work clothes was to roll them. Jeremy proved the roll concept with a prototype suit and garment bag. He and Jon then spent the next year perfecting the design and the Wingman was born.

Receiving rave reviews by the core market of commuters, cyclists, motorcyclists, runners, gym goers and travelers, the Wingman met a key requirement with its two-in-one tubular design.

The Name Henty

Henty was founded in Tasmania, Australia’s island state. Named after a remote area on the state’s rugged west coast, on the edge of the renowned Wilderness World Heritage Area. It’s home to diverse coastal and inland trails and has some of the cleanest air in the world.

Our Culture

Henty’s focus remains simple – to create clever carrying products, from quality materials, which make life easier for active people.

Our team use Henty products every day. We don’t release products for the sake of it. We only design products which make life a little bit easier. Our materials are ethically sourced and our products are built to last and withstand the elements.

At the core of what drives us is one simple phrase “provide clever solutions for our customers”. Our focus is more than a mantra as we always put the customer first. This is evident in the products we produce, through to the customer support we provide.