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5 Tips for Better Bike Commuting

By October 26, 2022January 19th, 2023No Comments
Wingman Suit Bag Backpack worn by cyclist riding to work.

Cycling is a great way to commute, just check out our article for how commuting affects your mental health for proof! However, cycling to work isn’t always perfect and preparation can really help improve your bike ride, making it more comfortable, safer, and enjoyable. Here are some practical tips for improving your daily bike commute.

  1. Safety First

Safe cycling has to be our number one tip because of its inherent importance.

  • Stay visible with bright clothing
  • Always wear a helmet
  • Be aware car doors may suddenly open
  • Avoid weaving recklessly through traffic
  • Always obey road rules & use hand gestures to indicate your intentions
  1. Carry Clever & Invest in Quality Gear

When commuting to work, you may need to bring a laptop, food, water bottle, a change of shoes and potentially a change of clothing – even a full suit! Many people are put off the idea of cycling as a method of commuting due to believing they have too much ‘stuff’ to transport to the office. In reality, packing smartly and using gear designed for commuting can enable you to bring everything you need with you.

Henty’s Commuter Range is designed with the walker, public transport user, and cycling commuter in mind. These bags allow for everything to be easily and securely transported from home to the office.

  1. Secure Your Bike

Don’t forget to bring a bike lock with you so that you can lock it up for the day. You’ll want to park in a fairly busy area, if possible within range of a CCTV camera as this will help to deter thieves. Make sure your bike is attached to an immovable object to further protect your bike against theft.

  1. Start with a Shorter Distance

When you look up your commute distance on Google Maps, it might appear quite short and you don’t expect that you will have any trouble. The reality is that the level of physical activity involved in cycling commuting may surprise you, especially if there are inclines along the way. If possible, drive part of the distance and bike the rest of the way, and slowly increase your distance over time. This way you can avoid over-exhausting yourself before your busy day!

  1. Have a Backup Mode of Transport

Weather conditions, problems with gear and other factors can all mean that cycling may not be the ideal option each and every day. It’s important to ensure you have a backup plan if this is the case, whether it be your car, public transport, or an Uber. Knowing your plan B in advance can save you time and stress during the morning rush. 

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