Richard Cunningham has taken an in depth review of the Henty Enduro Backpack for PinkBike. To summarise:

– Tough construction,
– Carries two to three litres of water.
– Lots of pockets,
– Doesn’t bounce like other backpacks do, even when riding bumpy or steep terrain,
– Extra protection for lumbar spine and kidneys, and
– Super comfortable when riding.

Pinkbike’s Take:
«Henty’s Enduro Backpack offers the most comfortable way that I have found to carry two or three liters of water and your essential gear on a bicycle without cramping my riding style or comfort threshold. It’s built like a tank, doesn’t weigh much and offers little to complain about in its features. I’d like to see a full-coverage back flap and a hydration bag included in the price before I’d rate it ten out of ten. As is, Henty’s hybrid hip pack is as good as it gets for riders who need a comfortable way to carry a useful load of gear.»

You can read the full article HERE.

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