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Enduro Backpack launches 2017

By October 10, 2017January 19th, 2023No Comments

The Enduro Backpack has been in development for a while now, and was officially launched at the Outdoor Demo in Bootleg Canyon, September 2017. Hydration packs are not new, however our design really hits the mark when it comes to stability, comfort and protection for the user.

We took inspiration from military ammunition belts, where the weight is carried down low and stability is provided with a shoulder harness. This means:

  • Your centre of gravity is down low, close to its natural state,
  • Lumbar and kidneys are protected, and
  • You avoid the dreaded ‘sweaty back syndrome.’

Customers are loving the new design:

  • The Henty Enduro Backpack has eliminated previous back pains, allowing them to ride more comfortably and for longer,
  • The Henty Enduro Backpack is the most stable hydration bag they’ve tested,
  • Surprising how much stuff, including tools, water, spares and food they can fit,
  • The Henty Enduro Backpack is so comfortable to wear when it’s hot, or when they heat up, and
  • The Henty Enduro Backpack can be worn as the base layer, keeping the water from freezing, when riding in sub-zero temperatures.

The Enduro Backpack fits any standard 3L bladder and you’ll be surprised how the weight disappears. Quick and easy access to everything means you’ll spend no time rummaging through pockets and more time enjoying your ride!

Available online, click to purchase the Enduro Hydration backpack.

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