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By March 16, 2018June 9th, 2021One Comment

Richard Cunningham has taken an in depth review of the Henty Enduro Backpack for PinkBike. To summarise:

– Tough construction,
– Carries two to three litres of water.
– Lots of pockets,
– Doesn’t bounce like other backpacks do, even when riding bumpy or steep terrain,
– Extra protection for lumbar spine and kidneys, and
– Super comfortable when riding.

Pinkbike’s Take:
“Henty’s Enduro Backpack offers the most comfortable way that I have found to carry two or three liters of water and your essential gear on a bicycle without cramping my riding style or comfort threshold. It’s built like a tank, doesn’t weigh much and offers little to complain about in its features. I’d like to see a full-coverage back flap and a hydration bag included in the price before I’d rate it ten out of ten. As is, Henty’s hybrid hip pack is as good as it gets for riders who need a comfortable way to carry a useful load of gear.”

You can read the full article HERE.

One Comment

  • As a mountain bike guide and instructor I have t carry more gear then normal, 1st aid kits, extra tubes and food. This pack provides enough room for my gear and allows me to be much more organized with all the pockets and compartments (no more emptying out the pack to find what you need!) But the best part in not having a heavy pack up on my shoulders when riding tech terrain, down low on hips is so much better for riding and comfort. I really like the Henty Enduro Pack and have used it on several back country all day tours. Thanks Henty!

    Cheers to a job well done!
    Pinnacle Trail Systems, LLC
    Ruidoso, NM

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