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Frequent Flyers

By October 10, 2017January 19th, 2023No Comments

If you travel a lot for work, you’ll understand how important it is to pack just enough to get you through the trip, and no more. Some people pride themselves on this skill! If you’re anything like us at Henty, it’s an evolving science, and we are forever evaluating and auditing what we’ve taken, when unpacking, to ensure we are more efficient next time. Here are our tips for packing:
– check the climate at your destination
– determine the outfits you’ll be needing based on your itinerary
– use your bed or sofa as a packing platform
– don’t succumb to the last minute panicked extras!
– don’t forget your toothbrush

Whilst it isn’t always possible, taking carry-on only is the best way to travel. It’s unlikely you’ll lose your luggage, and you can move quickly and freely between airports, hotels and meetings and even have the option of utilising share bike schemes.

We’ve design the CoPilot range to be the best garment bag (or suit bag depending on your vernacular) for carry-on travel. Our patented design rolls your hanging garments to minimise creases. It has enough room for two suits or an equivalent load within the outer shell. So if it’s a wedding you’re heading off for, you can pack a suit and a dress in the outer garment compartment. Unlike other garment bags, the CoPilot has been designed to accommodate shoes, laptop, toiletries and other casual clothes in the inner bag.

No other garment bag reduces creases to the same extent as the Henty CoPilot. For best results make sure you take care to pack your clothes flat. No one wants to get the iron out after a long commute or flight!

The Henty CoPilot makes a pretty nifty Christmas gift. The travellers in your life will appreciate this considered present. Or treat yourself this silly season!

Available online: HERE

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