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The CoPilot Backpack is a versatile, stylish, multi-purpose suit and garment bag for all your business or leisure travel requirements.

For aeroplane travellers, the CoPilot Backpack enables hands free transiting through terminals and can be stowed in the overhead locker. It also works well for train and bus travel, as well as running, walking, cycling or motorcycling- it gives you complete freedom when you’re on the move.

Durable enough to withstand the toughest of trips, the CoPilot Backpack comes with plenty of space for all your gear and is the ideal travel companion.

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The CoPilot Backpack comes with a large 20 litre Inner Tube (gym / utility bag) which can be rolled inside the suit bag or used separately.

It has semi-rigid vertical ribs (made from 100 per cent recycled plastic sourced from Tasmania) which restricts the diameter of the suit bag when rolled, and helps to minimise garment creasing.  It’s this innovative design that differentiates the Henty garment bags from their poorer cousins –traditional fold in half suit bags.

Look for it on the backs of:

  • Travellers
  • Runners
  • Commuters
  • Cyclists
  • Motorcyclists
  • Military
  • Emergency Services
  • Students
  • Walkers
  • Groomsmen


  • Leather haul handle for easy carrying
  • Inner Tube – heavy duty tarpaulin gym / utility bag with shoulder strap
  • Large external pocket for keys, passports, documents and accessories
  • Fixed 15 inch laptop compartment
  • Padded adjustable shoulder straps (including secure strap pocket)
  • Henty coat hanger (with pivoting hook)
  • High visibility waterproof rain jacket with taped seams to protect your bag and belongings


The Henty system uses two bags which can be used together or separately. The CoPilot, is compatible with a variety of inner bags, so you can tailor the Henty system to suit your needs. The CoPilot Backpack  is compatible with the following:

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Weight – 1.9kgs (3.8lbs)
Rolled – 56 x 26 x 30cm (22 x 10.1 x 12.5 inches)
Unrolled – 56 x 105cm (22 x 41.7 inches)
Inner Tube 0.4Kgs (0.9lbs)
52 x 22cm cylinder; 20 litres

**** Backpack Straps


CoPilot Backpack (suit and garment compartment):
• 2 x suit (jacket and pants/skirt) + 3 x shirt/blouse or
• 5 x shirts/blouses
• 15-inch laptop
• paper files

20L Inner Tube (gym/utility bag):
• 2 x pair of shoes, gym gear, towel, toiletries, phone, wallet, keys, lunch and coffee cup.


Full shoulder 47 – 56cm


Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between the CoPilot Backpack and Wingman Backpack: The main difference between the Wingman and CoPilot is capacity. The Wingman comes with an 18L Inner Dry Bag compared to the 20L Inner Tube for the CoPilot Backpack.

The CoPilot is designed to take two suits, shirts and two pairs of shoes (plus other items) compared to the garment compartment of the Wingman, which is designed for one suit, shirts and one pair of shoes (plus other items).

The CoPilot uses the same patented rolling technology as the Wingman, but it has been optimised for travel, with a leather haul handle and Inner Tube, which works well when used separately.

Will my laptop fit? The CoPilot Backpack has a fixed padded laptop compartment for a 15″ laptop or equivalent, 36.5×25.0×2.4cm (14.37×9.84×0.95 inches)

Is the CoPilot suitable for riding or travel? The CoPilot Backpack has been optimised for travel, with a larger volume, but still works well if you commute with more gear. We’ve designed the CoPilot so it has extra volume for business trips, where you generally need to take more clothes than if you were commuting to the office. The CoPilot comes with a rain cover to protect your gear if you get caught in the weather.

Is the CoPilot within airline carry-on dimensions: Yes, we’ve designed the CoPilot to be within airline carry-on (cabin) luggage specifications.

Recommended for: Anyone who (wants to) travel, cycle or walk to work and needs to transport professional clothing.

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