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Henty’s Sports bags are the ultimate all-weather carrier for active urbanites.

The Sports Backpack combines the carrying convenience and ergonomic benefits of a backpack with the accessibility of a messenger bag. With this handy backpack, you’re also getting the waterproof features of a dry bag. Take it with you to the gym, training, or sports games for a practical and stylish way to transport your clothing, water bottle, and gear.

The unique tubular design and large zipper access to the main compartment allow for easy packing and unpacking, with minimal rummaging. Dual compartments assist you in keeping your clean and wet/dirty clothes separate and easily accessible.

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Henty’s large 26L Sports Backpack has enough capacity to comfortably fit all your belongings. You’ll no longer need to worry about not having enough space for all of your workout gear and leaving items behind, or cramming clothing into a small gym bag. Whether heading to the gym, a weekend away, or travelling for a longer period – you can count on our sports bags to have your back.

Adjustable straps ensure your load, small or large, is carried securely with minimal movement and also enables the bag to be attached to bicycle and motorcycle frames.

Laptop pouch? Check. The Sports Backpack can carry a tablet or laptop up to 15 inches in a padded sleeve in the sweat-pad. Need to transport a water bottle? Check. Cycling or walking? Hi-visibility external colouring and bike light attachments give you all the flare attention you need.

Look for the Sports Tube Backpack on the backs of:

  • Cyclists
  • Motorcyclists
  • Commuters
  • Walkers
  • Runners
  • Yogis
  • Gym goers
  • Beach goers and
  • Students

Comfortable and convenient, this bag is designed to be ergonomic and practical. Featuring a dry pocket means that your gloves, jackets, socks and shoes stay dry and ready for when you need them, even in wet weather conditions. It’s an all-weather backpack designed for the on-the-go urbanite, gym frequenter, or traveller.

The Henty Sports Backpack features:

  • Unique and modern tubular design. Fits comfortably and securely against your back
  • A large zipper for easy access. Quickly grab your shoes or water bottle without wasting time rummaging through your belongings
  • Waterproofing to protect your gear from rain.
  • Dual compartments to separate dirty and clean clothes
  • External pocket for secure carry of yoga mat and drink bottles

Use our Sports Backpack to carry water bottles, running/gym shoes, extra clothing, headphones, towels, socks, skipping rope, protein shaker bottle, hairbrush & comb, deodorant, food & snacks, toiletries and more!

Additional information


Weight – 1.3kgs (2.9lbs)
Max – 52 x 25cm (20.5 x 9.8 inches) diameter
Min (empty) – 52 x 19 x 5 cm (20.5 x 7.5 x 2.0 inches)
15″ laptop with dimensions 36.5×25.0×2.4cm (14.37×9.84×0.95 inches)


Is the Sports Backpack suitable for cycling to work?
The sports backpack has been designed with a wide variety of travel use-cases in mind. Whether you’re walking, cycling, or motorbiking, the sports backpack is a great choice for transporting your belongings.

Can my laptop fit?
The 26L Sports Backpack has a zippered laptop pouch that fits a laptop up to 15”.

Will my shoes fit?
With 26L storage capacity, Henty’s Sports Backpack is able to fit a pair of running shoes or business shoes, making it perfect for the gym, or to store your runners once you’ve arrived at work. There’s even enough space to pack away flippers!

Is the 26L Sports Bag waterproof?
The 26L sports bag has waterproof features, including a dry pocket. All of your tech and clothes can stay dry even when commuting in the rain.

Can I use this bag as a carry-on Item?
The 26L Sports Bag is 52 cm x 25 cm diameter when full, and should fit within most airline hand luggage guidelines. Our travel range contains more carry-on bag options.

Does the 26L Sports Backpack clip inside the Wingman and CoPilot designs?
Yes, it is compatible with our CoPilot and Wingman suit bags, clipping into them for additional functionality. View our garment bag range to find a suitable option.

Recommended for: the gym, travel, overnight trips, commuting.

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  1. Jono, Hobart Mountain Bike Tours

    All our guides use the Sports Backpack and we love it. We have to carry a lot of “Just in Case” gear and it has to be dry and accessible when we need it. And we usually need it when its wet cold and miserable. The Sports Backpack can carry everything we need and it has a dry pocket thats easy to access when we need to get a jacket, beanie, gloves, blanket or what ever for a cold rider its quick and easy. The zips, straps and buckles are tough and when it ties up it sits snugly on your back so it doesn’t flap around!

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