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Henty talks with The Mercury

By October 11, 2015January 19th, 2023No Comments

Hobart city opens up to workers on two wheels in time for Ride to Work Day.

Jeremy Grey’s Hobart-based company Henty has taken advantage of the world-wide bike boom and is exporting its innovative range of bike bags for commuters.

“We’ve been growing well, I’ve been full-time on the business after 18 months,” he said.

“Our bags give people a way of transporting their clothing so that they remain presentable. And they’re also carry-on luggage size, so a lot of people use them for business travel.

“For a lot of corporate people or people in uniforms it’s a massive inhibitor, it’s the number one reason people don’t ride to work. The wingman has become a portable locker for some people.

“It allows people to be active on the way to and from work. Our products remove the excuse.”

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