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Outside: Best luggage of 2013 – Henty Wingman

By May 21, 2013January 19th, 2023No Comments

The Henty Wingman makes it into Outside Magazine’s best bags!!

BEST FOR: Carrying a suit and essentials via bike or plane.

THE TEST: The 12-liter Wingman cradles a pressed suit inside a compact cylindrical messenger bag. The secret is the springy plastic internal ribs, which hold the bag in an even, rounded shape en route. There’s also a small removable duffel at the center for toiletries, camera, shoes, and skivvies. When you arrive, the bag unrolls, unzips, and hangs up neatly. It performed well on and off the bike (reflective piping, slot for bike light), and suits generally made it to their destination with minimal rumpling.

THE VERDICT: Smart redesign of your dad’s garment bag. If only it came in a bigger size (the largest version fits only a suit and shirt or three shirts comfortably). 3.9 lbs.

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