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Henty’s Enduro Junior is the ultimate protection and hydration pack for young mountain bikers.

The Enduro Junior has been designed to carry the essentials to keep you energized and hydrated whilst protecting the hips – a common injury zone, which no other product can comfortably protect. The water reservoir is positioned close to your natural centre of gravity, giving you freedom and agility while avoiding the sweaty bag you get from conventional hydration backpacks.

The Enduro Junior is the third generation of our game changing hydration pack solution, incorporating all the feedback we received on our initial release and the 2.0. Each Enduro Junior hydration backpack includes a 1.5L/50 fl oz HydraPak Compact Shape-Loc Reservoir, and a 90cm (36″) hose and bite valve.

The two sizes for the removable rear extension means the Enduro Junior now has more flexibility to fit a variety of body shapes, including children from six years old, women and men. The Enduro Junior is the only mountain biking hydration pack which you will ever need.

The Enduro Junior is supplied with the small harness which is designed to fit children from 120cm / 4ft tall and small frames up to 170cm / 5ft 7 and a maximum waist of 120cm 47 inches.

* The Large harness needs to be purchased separately and is designed to fit those taller than 170cm / 5ft 7.

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The Enduro Junior is both a hydration pack and protection in one easy to wear backpack. Suitable for children learning and adults racing the Enduro Junior is a unique design perfect for mountain bikers.

We use Cordura 500D nylon to ensure it is lightweight and durable to last a lifetime.

Features include:

  • Hip, lumbar and kidney proection
  • Mesh back panel for stability and improved air ventilation
  • 1.5L/50 fl oz HydraPak Compact Shape-Loc Reservoir
  • 90cm (36″) hose and bite valve
  • Adjustable shoulder straps available in two sizes
  • Adjustable chest strap
  • Molle webbing
  • Three pockets

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Additional information


500D Cordura Nylon


3.5 Litres / 118 fl oz


550grams (with bladder), 400 grams without bladder.


Available in Black, Blue, Green & Red


How much water can the Enduro Junior hold?
Enduro Junior hydration pack has the capacity to hold up to 1.5 litres (50 fl oz) of water.

Does it come with a water bladder?

Included with each backpack is a 1.5L/50 fl oz HydraPak Reservoir with Henty branding.

Is there extra storage space?
Yes, aside from holding your water bladder, Enduro has  three additional pockets, handy for storing tools, spares, jacket or a map. The Enduro hydration backpack is a great compact storage solution for children learning their mountain bike skills.

Will the Enduro cause me to sweat?
The ventilation in our design helps to minimise sweat. This way, you can stay comfortable and hydrated while being active, and dehydration is reduced.

Is there a risk of leaking or dripping?
The HydraPak that comes included with Enduro Junior hydration pack is leak-proof and self-sealing, so you don’t have to worry about leaks and discomfort.

Can it fit all sizes?
Enduro Junior comes with a small harness, designed for children and small frames up to 170cm or 5 ft 7 inches tall, with three size adjustments. A larger harness can be purchased separately, and adjusted using the three size options, to fit larger adults, taller than 170cm and 5 ft 7 inches. The maximum waist size is 120cm or 47 inches.

Can remove the shoulder harness?
Yes, the Enduro Junior can be worn as a hip pack, without the harness attached.

Recommended for: Staying hydrated when on the trails mountain biking or hiking.



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