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Airline carry-on luggage rules

By June 13, 2019February 23rd, 2023No Comments

Airlines have subtly different rules for luggage so it is always important to do your homework before travelling. The rules even vary depending on the class of your ticket and destination, and can hit you in the hip pocket if you get it wrong at the check-in counter or departure gate.

The first obvious step for carry-on luggage is to ensure it fits within the airlines stated dimensions. Frustratingly, this varies slightly between all airlines.

Secondly, check the weight limitations for carry-on. Most airlines will accept up to 7Kgs for carry-on, some allow up to 10kgs. If you’re taking a second bag as carry-on be careful, as the airlines will likely consider the combined weight of both bags.

Some airlines also state they allow personal items, in addition to the carry-on baggage allowance. A personal item is generally considered to be a laptop computer, hand bag, overcoat, walking stick, small amount of reading or similar items. It is these personal items which can be subject to debate at the departure gate. If the combined weight of all your items is less than the carry-on limit, then you’ll have no worries.

Liquids, aerosols and gels are allowed to be carried, as long as the capacity of each is 100ml or less. Don’t assume a weight of 100grams translates to 100mls. For international flights, these must be displayed within a clear resealable plastic bag.

Henty’s Commuter bags, Travel Suit Bags and Active ranges have all been designed to be within airlines carry-on requirements. An added bonus of our CoPilot Messenger and CoPilot Backpack suit bags (The same advantage can be realised with the Compact and Wingman suit bags) is that they are comprised of two pieces. If you’ve overpacked one of our suit bags, you can separate the inner bag, making it two items (inner bag and garment bag), however you need to ensure the combined weight is equal to or less than the airline carry-on weight limit.

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