Which size should I get?

The Wingman comes in two sizes: Standard and Compact. As a general rule, the Wingman Standard will suit most males, and the Wingman Compact will suit most females. If you wish to confirm your size, you need to determine the full shoulder measurement of your suit/suit/blouse. See photo below for an example of a full shoulder measurement (click on photo to enlarge).

The measurement is taken from the outside edges of the shoulder pads when the suit is on a clothes hang

Suit Measurement

If your full shoulder measurement is:


Taxes and duty

The price includes taxes and duties for purchases delivered to:

All other prices are exclusive of local import duties and taxes which are levied once the shipment reaches your country

What can I fit in my Wingman?

The Wingman has been designed to carry as little as a single shirt, or:

The Wingman Compact will carry the same load. For ultimate reduction in creases, we recommend you use a dry cleaning poly bag for each item.

What can I use the Wingman for?

The Wingman has been designed with cyclists in mind, and the majority of wingmen are used for cycling commuting. However, we’ve also received great feedback from a variety of users who believe the Wingman has a wider application and suits their needs. These uses include:


Is my Wingman tough enough to check in with airlines?

Your Wingman is tough enough to check-in, but we recommend you remove your laptop or tablet and other valuable items first. The ribs will not be damaged as the gym bag in the centre will stop them from being bent. The Wingman will provide the same level of protection as a normal soft duffle.
If your Wingman makes your life easier, we’d love to hear how. Please contact us via email enquiries@hentydesigns.com and we’ll publish your story.

The Wingman is out of stock?

Don’t stress, unless the online shop indicates we are out of stock, you will be able to order your Wingman today. However, in the unfortunate event that demand has exceeded supply (as indicated in the online shop), rest assured we are busy getting more stock ready. We understand you may want your Wingman now! So, you have a couple of options to source your wingman as quick as possible:

1)      Look for an authorised henty dealer, retailer or etailer listed under Find a Store.

2)      Register your interest for a wingman with us, and we’ll let you know when it’s in stock, and send it straight to you.

Does the Wingman come with a warranty?

If your Wingman fails in the United States of America, Australia, Japan, Switzerland or the European Union, within two years from purchase, as a result of defective materials or workmanship under normal use we’ll repair or replace the part(s) in question. Drop us an email, together with your proof of purchase and a short note to explain the problem, and we will make the necessary arrangements and get it back to you ASAP.

Can you repair my wingman?

If the damage falls under our warranty, we can and will repair your Wingman free of charge.

If not, contact us via email enquiries@henty.cc, providing photos where possible, and we will determine whether the damage can be repaired at a reasonable cost and make arrangements to get your Wingman operational.

Shipping Info

Orders are processed daily Monday to Friday at approximately 1pm and are shipped out the same day where possible. Estimated timeframes for the arrival of your order are listed below

Free Delivery: Australia Post standard delivery within 3 – 7 days

Australia – Express
Australia Post Express ‘Next Day’ service: should arrive next business day, however can take two days for remote areas

Everywhere else
The most cost effective, registered, courier service will be used – usually DHL or TNT. Our target delivery time is 3 – 5 day delivery worldwide however this can vary depending on your country. We will send tracking details to you upon despatch.

Please note for deliveries outside Australia most couriers are unable to deliver to PO Boxes.

If I change my mind, can I change colours or return my wingman?

If you decide you don’t like the colour you’ve chosen, you can exchange your Wingman for another colour within 14 days, providing your bag is unused, has the original tags attached and you provide your original receipt. If you’re exchanging an online purchase you are responsible for the return postage costs.

My order hasn’t arrived – what should I do?

As a rule of thumb, wait an additional day then email enquiries@henty.cc or phone us on +61 3 6223 1815 with your order number, which you’ll find on the confirmation email we sent you.

How do I clean my bag?

Spot clean exterior stains with lukewarm water and mild soap, then remove any soap residue with a damp cloth. For heavy soiling, lightly wipe with a damp cloth. Dry your Wingman in the shade, away from high temperatures and direct sunlight (UV rays).

How do I care for the ribs?

The ribs are made from a recycled plastic compound and give the bag its cylindrical shape when it is rolled. Whilst the ribs are sufficiently strong and resilient for their intended purpose, they will not withstand excessive pressure, such as that applied if sat on (without the gym bag in the centre) or inadvertently bent.

If you do bend your Wingman’s ribs, you can carefully bend them back to straighten. The ribs can also be removed and attempt to straighten by folding back in the opposite direction. Be careful not to over-correct. The ribs are specifically designed to not snap so it is safe to bend them back into position.

My ribs are damaged beyond repair, can I purchase replacements?

Yes. If the ribs are beyond repair, send us an email enquiries@henty.cc and we will send you some new ones at cost price.

How do I remove/insert the vertical ribs?

The sleeves are designed to be a snug fit so you need to remove/insert the ribs with caution paying particular attention to the seams at the entry/exit points. Whilst we have taken care to round the edges, some sharp edges may remain, so be careful (normal household scissors can be used to trim the ribs if you are worried). Take particular care not to rip the liner or stitching and make sure they are guided into the reinforced internal tarpaulin pouches at either end. We recommend laying the Wingman flat on the floor. Inserting the ribs in the top section first, and guiding the ribs over the two horizontal struts. Ensure the ribs are pushed all the way home, into the reinforced pockets. Once the top section has been inserted, you need to insert the bottom section. This requires you to carefully bend and insert the bottom end of the rib, in a controlled manner, and ensure it reaches the reinforced pocket at the end. Once the batten is in place, velcro the liner flap in place to hide the rib.

Checkout this video (Ribbing your Wingman) if you would like to see a demonstration.

Are you sure my laptop will fit in the wingman?

Wingman Messenger:
The removable padded laptop pocket has been designed to fit a 13 inch laptop with the following dimensions 32.5×22.7×2.4cm (12.78×8.94×0.95inches). Tablets of comparable size or smaller will also fit inside the removable pouch and may also fit inside the gym bag, which has a 19cm diameter

Wingman Backpack:
The Wingman Backpack has a fixed padded laptop pocket which has been designed to fit a 15 inch laptop with the following dimensions  35.9×24.7×2.4cm (14.13×9.73×0.95inches)

How do I use my stabilisation strap?

The Wingman is set to be carried on you left shoulder, but can be carried on the right if you swap the buckles over. The stabilisation strap clips under your left (right) arm, then adjust your strap lengths and shoulder pad position to secure the Wingman in place.

We have placed a slit in the rain jacket cover, which needs to be aligned with the buckle at the apex of the sweat pad, so you can use the stabilisation strap when using the rain jacket cover.

What do I do with the excess strap?

Tuck the excess strap through the shoulder pad, or trim off the excess, then seal the new end with a lighter or match to prevent fraying. If in doubt, visit your nearest hardware store, ship chandler or sail maker and ask politely if they would shorten it for you.

Are the wingman colours accurate in the product photography?

We do our best to ensure what you see is as close as possible to the true colour. But unfortunately, unless your computer monitor is calibrated identically to the systems used by our photographers it is unlikely you will see the exact same colour.

I’ve lost my coat hanger?

We understand that sometimes things go missing. We’ve designed the wingman to accept everyday coat hangers. You have two options when using everyday coat hangers:

1)      Push the coat hanger through the small slit on the apex on the top of the bag, and secure in place with the internal velcro. Be careful not to pierce the liner when rolling up when using this method

2)      Use the internal velcro to secure the coat hanger in place without poking the coat hanger through the slit.

Feel free though to drop us an email, and we can post you another coat hanger at cost.

What’s the flap on the removable padded laptop pocket?

To protect the laptop from the external pocket zipper, we’ve designed a flap to separate the two.

Will you sell my information to the highest bidder?

Personal information collected on this site is treated as confidential and is protected by the Privacy Act 1988. Personal information is information relating to an individual whose identity is apparent, or can reasonably be ascertained from the information provided. Personal information collected on this site will not be used for any other purpose other than for that it was intentionally submitted. On request we will provide any information collected about you through this site in accordance with Information Privacy Principles 6 and 7 of the information Privacy Act 1988.

How do I avoid purchasing a fake wingman?

The Henty products we sell at hentydesigns.com are available only at a small number of authorised dealers, retailers and retailers listed under Find a Store. Shop at one of these stores or sites and you get a genuine Wingman. Shop anywhere else at your peril. If in doubt, contact us — we know exactly where our products go.

I found a fake wingman for sale – what should I do?

Tell us where by using our contact us form and we’ll get our legal team onto it!

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