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How to Travel With a Suit

By September 23, 2022January 19th, 2023No Comments

Whether you’re traveling for a wedding or business trip, packing a suit to take away with you means trying to avoid wrinkles, which can cause some stress. But it doesn’t have to! With this guide, you can have peace of mind knowing your suit will arrive at your destination as good as it looked before you packed it away.

Fabric Matters

Keep in mind that some suit fabrics are more prone to wrinkling and creasing than others. A light linen blend will crease easier than a heavy wool or cashmere. However, if you use a suit bag designed for travel, this shouldn’t be an issue. Heavier fabrics will fare a bit better when in a standard suitcase or traditional tri-fold bag. However, unless there is space to hang your suit bag, there will still be a risk of creating wrinkles.

How to Pack Your Suit for Airplane Travel

Choosing the right luggage is the most important part of ensuring your suit arrives from A to B in a good condition. The garment bag or luggage you choose will need to fit within your airline’s carry-on rules, you can read our article which explores whether a garment bag is considered a carry-on item

The Best Luggage for Transporting a Suit

The CoPilot Backpack is the best garment bag for transporting suits when traveling via airplane. Specifically designed for plane travel, it’s packed with features such as an inner tube and a patented design which restricts the diameter of the suit bag when it’s rolled. This makes it great for saving space without wrinkling or compromising the security of your suit.

The CoPilot also includes a 15” laptop compartment, coat hanger and waterproof cover amongst other clever features. The backpack design is great for storing in overhead compartments, but it is also available in a messenger style with the same features, if that’s more your vibe.

Things to Avoid when Travelling with Your Suit:

  • Overpacking. This can cause your suit to compress and crinke. A solution is to pack light, or choose luggage that has plenty of space for other gear (such as the CoPilot!)
  • Leaving your suit packed once at your destination. While Henty suit bags will keep your suit in good shape for an extended period, the same can’t be said for when it’s folded or rolled in a standard bag. It’s best to unpack your suit as soon as you can and hang it up on a coat hanger. This can help eliminate some of the smaller wrinkles.

How to Pack Your Accessories for Travel

Along with your suit, you’re likely planning to bring ties, socks, underwear, shoes, belts, watches, glasses and other accessories that will be part of your complete semi-formal/formal look while away. One way to ensure they’re safely packed away and separated from your suit, other clothing and tech bits is to use packing cubes.

Packing cubes make it easy to:
1. Organise your suitcase
2. Keep everything protected and clean
3. Fit more of your belongings.

Roll your socks, undies and ties to keep them secure and wrinkle-free during your travels. Keep any pairs of glasses, watches, and cufflinks in a separate cube or pouch to avoid scratches.

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